해외구매신청 Yes Mac Deonjang is gluten free
2021-03-23 17:06:48
한국맥꾸룸 <> 조회수 205

Thank you for your question.

Most of our products are gluten free because we don't use wheat, barely and malt except barely hot pepper paste(Gochujang).  

Firrst of all Ingredients of Mac Deonjang you asked made of soy and sea salt.That's it.

I am not sure how much you want buy but if you want to buy less than 12ea you need to take goods from us by EMS(Using air fright) after deposit price of goods including price of EMS. And if you want to buy more than that I have to introduce importer in UK to you.

Please would you tell me what kind of order you preper. 

Sorry for late answer.

If you want any futher question please don't hesitate to ask again.